Air Crew Logistics

Manpower Planning analyses the future crew requirements for the airline. Crew Training Planning and Rostering at Avilift, we believe in continuous training of our Flight Crew to keep them abreast of the latest advancements in the field. It is part of our primary objective of maintaining safe and efficient operations.

 Crew Rostering is responsible for creating a roster for the crew to fly. Planners convert the planned flying programme and construct what is called a crew "pairing". Both Flight and Cabin Crew are then assigned to these trips or pairings. Crew must be both legal and qualified to operate these pairings. Rosters are issued to crews approximately one week before the end of a month.

Crew Scheduling, or Crew Control take charge of these rosters once they are published and issued to crew. These rosters are likely to undergo many changes due to the dynamic nature of the airline business. Typically we can see things like; additional flights being planned, upgrades of aircraft on certain routes to satisfy the supply and demand curves of the business, aircraft becoming unserviceable resulting in aircraft changes to ensure the schedule is flown and so on. Sickness, family issues and unplanned training also create disruptions to published rosters, which need to be fixed.


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